What does ESTA cost in the US?

The application fee for an ESTA application on this website is USD 99 per applicant. This price includes all costs related to your application, including all consular costs and payment fees. You can pay for your application with either Visa / Dankort or MasterCard.

Does ESTA cost the same if you’re just stopping over?

An ESTA application costs the same whether the US is your final destination or you are just stopping over. ESTA also costs the same, regardless of whether your purpose of travel is vacation, business or family visit. The age of the traveler also has no influence on the price.

What does the ESTA application fee cover?

The US $ 99 application fee covers all costs related to applying for an ESTA travel authorization including consular services, service costs and payment fees. In addition, the price also includes express processing of your application and a full refund of the application fee in the event your application is not approved.

Consular services

The application fee covers the cost of the following consular services provided by the United States government in connection with an ESTA application:

  • Processing Fee: This is a fee that is charged to all applicants, regardless of whether their ESTA application ultimately leads to approval or rejection.
  • Authorization Fee: This is a fee that applies to all approved ESTA registrations.

Service costs

In addition, the application fee also covers our service costs in connection with the processing of your application, such as This ensures that your application does not contain any errors that could lead to a rejection.

How much is the ESTA-related treatment fee?

You can pay for your application with various user-friendly and secure payment methods, such as Visa / Dankort or MasterCard. The application fee already includes all payment fees.

Express treatment 24 hours a day

The application fee also includes express treatment 24 hours a day. This means that your application will be processed as soon as your payment has been received. With our express processing, you will ideally receive an answer to your application on the day of submission. However, this assumes that your application is free of errors or that your application requires additional processing time for other reasons. We therefore recommend that you apply at least one week before your departure to the USA to be on the safe side.

Full refund if your application is denied

In addition to our express processing, we also include our refund guarantee in our application fee. This means that if your application is not approved, we will refund the full application fee, including all costs for consular services, payment fees, etc. Please note that the application fee is charged in US dollars and why all refunds are also made in US dollars. Therefore, any differences in the exchange rate from day to day mean that the reimbursement amount in kroner differs slightly from the original amount in kroner.

One fee for all of our services

Our application fee therefore includes all costs for consular services, payment fees and all of our services, including express processing of your application 24 hours a day and full reimbursement in the event of a rejected application.