My ESTA was denied, how do I apply for a US visa?

Occasionally, Danish travelers experience that their ESTA application to the USA is rejected. In this case, you will need to apply for a B1 visa at the US embassy in Copenhagen:

  1. Book an appointment at the American Embassy in Copenhagen
  2. Pay the registration fee of 160 USD (1040 DKK)
  3. Go for a visa interview at the US embassy
  4. Wait an average of 1 week for your visa application to be processed
  5. Receive your passport with your visa in the mail (if your visa is approved)

I think I made a mistake with my ESTA application and that is why it was rejected

If you answered “yes” to an ‘Eligibility Question’ incorrectly, your ESTA may have been declined on the wrong basis.

In general, our experience has shown that all ESTA applications that answer an “authorization question” with “Yes” are rejected.

Applicants who made a mistake with their ESTA application will need to submit a brand new application and pay the application fee again.

Why was my ESTA application declined?

There are several reasons why an ESTA application has been denied and the most common one is that you did not qualify for an ESTA. You will not qualify for an ESTA if you are not a citizen of a country on the Visa Waiver Country List or if you cannot answer “no” to all eligibility questions.

I meet all ESTA requirements, but I was rejected anyway

There are people who get rejected even though they think they meet all of the ESTA requirements. The reason is that you can be refused even if you do not have a criminal record. If you previously had a spotty criminal record but it is now clean, you will still be rejected.

In addition, if you have ever been arrested, you will be refused, even if the arrest did not result in a conviction.