ESTA application error – what can I do?

When completing your ESTA application, it is important that all of the information provided is true. It’s also important not to make any typing errors. For example, if you make a mistake entering your passport information and name, your ESTA will be invalid. The reason for this is that your ESTA is directly linked to your passport. This means that any passport information you fill out must match the information on your passport.

I gave an incorrect passport number on my ESTA application

If you’ve entered an incorrect passport number, you’ll need to make a brand new application. You cannot correct existing applications.

I made a mistake in the name

Your ESTA is linked to your passport so it is important that the name you fill in on the application matches the name on your passport. If you make a mistake in the name, all you have to do is submit a brand new application.

Beware of Æ, Ø and Å

One of the most common mistakes travelers make when completing their application is entering Æ, Ø or Å. If you have an island in your name, Ø becomes OE. becomes AE and Å becomes AA. You can check this with the barcode in your passport. You can find the barcode at the bottom of the picture page of your passport.

Wrong expiration date in passport

If you entered an incorrect expiration date, you will need to submit a new application with the correct information.

Error in ‘Authorization Questions’

If you wrongly answer “yes” to any of the “eligibility questions”, your ESTA will most likely be refused.

Anyone who makes a mistake with their ESTA application should immediately submit a new application with truthful and correct answers.

My ESTA has been declined

If your ESTA application has been denied, don’t despair. That just makes the process a little longer. You’ll need to fill out an online form, pay a visa fee, and go for a visa interview at the U.S. embassy.